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Feeling much better and almost thawed out

It’s been unbelievably cold here in Florida. In February our Winter is usually over and the brief period of Spring before the Summer heat is in effect. Not this year. The only good thing about this unusual event is that the cold weather has made us stay in more than usual and caused me to get even more work done on my quilt projects (and watch more movies).

The quilt I mentioned in my last post is now done. (I’m starting to love those words!) The back turned out beautifully and though it is totally different in value to the other side, I was able to find a binding fabric that worked for both sides. Right after finishing that quilt I moved on the third quilt in that series. The top is almost done on it. The other two quilts from 2000 will have to wait a few weeks, but I’m committed to getting them done soon, before May hopefully.

My online quilt group, QuiltGuy, has a small group swapping mini-quilts. The deadline is April 15th, but I got mine last week and was totally blown away. It’s beautiful. I can’t post a pic until everyone has their quilt though. I worked on my design all last week at work in lulls between calls. I started practiicing paper-piecing so that I can get it done quickly. I like the design I came up with, it’s sort of African shield meets NFL. I want one too! By the way, the quilt I received had a great label on the back with glow-in-the-dark embroidery!