What to do, what to do

With recent changes to Indiana law, I can no longer support or honor a place that doesn’t support me. The quilt I’ve been working on for over a year to celebrate Terre Haute and Indiana’s two-hundred year anniversary has come to a screeching halt. Not sure whether to just throw it in “will not complete” pile, burn it,  or just alter it so that two of leaves on the outer border (2015 & 2016) are black to show my dissatisfaction with my “home” state.

I’m still plugging away at my millefiori quilt. I didn’t like the green outer border on my Round 1, so I ripped it out and replaced it with a gold/black print. I completed the hexagons for Round 2 and will now attach them to the modified Round 1 hexies, then onto Round 3 (final round for Rosette 1). Rosettes 2-4 are in a pile waiting for me to get started on them.

March 28, we ran the Savage Race in Dade City. My time improved by 4 minutes per mile (down to 21 minutes per mile versus the 25 minutes per mile in the BattleFrog Challenge on March 14). The next race is next week, The Monster Challenge, then the Hog Wild two weeks after that. Even with horrible times like that, I have to remind myself, it’s not a race to win but one to get to the finish line. There are about 30 obstacles in the runs that take up the most time and some of them have lines you have to wait in to get to the obstacle. Also, I came in 12th in my age group out of 39 entries, so I’m not doing that bad.


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