Rested and Refreshed

I’m back from vacation; seven days of Caribbean sun, ocean water, mediocre food, and great friends. After the summer that I’ve gone through, I needed a week of nothing but waking up, eating, swimming, dancing, and talking to some great guys. The cruise got my mind off of everything negative and allowed me to just have fun. I heartily recommend a cruise for whatever may ail you. I don’t  recommend that it be on NCL though.

I’ve had to take a break from blogging (I know, I tend to do that a lot).  I wrote previously about losing my niece to cancer and the trip home. Well, late in June I got a call from my nephew letting me know that my middle sister, Judy, had fallen at a local cafeteria and was in critical condition at the hospital in Terre Haute. More updates followed: she had stopped breathing the first night but recovered; she was  in pain and not being made comfortable by the hospital staff; she was being moved to a regular room and was getting better; then, she was not doing well and being rushed to a larger more competent hospital in Indianapolis.

That was July 11, 2010. The updates continued and a web site was created to keep family posted on her recovery. One update she was recovering, the next it looked grim. Lenny and I decided to drive up and see her. She had a breathing tube in the whole time we were there so I didn’t get to talk her. Well, I talked, but I didn’t get to hear her comforting voice. She was coherent and knew we were there, but slept most of the time. We headed home knowing that soon we’d get a call saying she was heading home (or to a convalescent home at worst). Then, on August 5, 2010 we got the call that we had dreaded… she had passed away after a final surgery attempt to correct some blood vessels in her shoulder and arm.

Judy was the middle of my three sisters. She had helped raise me after my mom passed away giving my dad a break from being a single dad. She taught me every craft known to humankind from feather flowers, crushed glass chicken paintings, ceramic matadors, knitting, and finally quilting. I’ve gone on trips with her to malls, craft stores, and to the college graduations of her son and daughter (more like my kid brother and sister). I’ll always have memories of her popup randomly to comfort me, make me laugh, and to start the water works flowing. I already miss her and wish I could call her up for a chat. Soon.

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