Offline, but not off-kilter

Kind of got sidetracked recently.  A week after my last post I got word that one of my nieces lost her battle with cancer.  I drove up to Indiana to say goodbye, visit family, then drove home. All 3000 miles (roundtrip) by myself. It took a toll on me, but now I’m back on track.

My niece, Cathy, was a year younger than I am (long story), so having a family member so close to my age die hit too close to home. We weren’t really that close, but we did keep in touch. She was anoutgoing cheerleader-type and me a book-nerd, but we did get along well. She will be missed.

My good deed on this trip, not that I do one every visit… My oldest sister, Pat, was crocheting an afghan from a beautiful heather colored yarn, but had run out of it. We shopped around in Terre Haute for it, but were told it was discontinued by Hobby Lobby. While driving back home I stopped in Louisville, KY at a Hobby Lobby and checked there; same story. So, I stopped in Nashville, TN and luckily found more than enough to send to her. Yeah. The reason she ran out is that she crochets so tightly. The dense crochet creates a soft and warm afghan unlike most you’ll ever see. She’s a great quilter too.

I guess I had two good deeds this trip. I also helped my middle sister with another project. We cut out wool shapes for project she wanted to get started on. She had never used freezer paper, so I showed her how. We got all the pieces cut inclduing the borders. Double-yeah.

On the quilting front. I have finished three quilts since my last update. The QuiltGuy Mini-Quilt swap was a success. The quilt I received was beautiful and the one I sent out was one of my favorites. I might have to make myself one just like it. I finished Arthur’s quilt and will be giving it to him shortly. The third quilt was made on a whim. I wanted to try a quilting pattern I created for Arthur’s quilt, so I made up a mini-quilt (18″ x 22″)  and quilted it using the test pattern. It came out well, yet I decided to further simplify it before using on Arthur’s quilt. I also added beads to the mini-quilt; my first time using beads.

During a slow day at work, I designed a quilt for myself. I found a fun quilt that uses squares set randomly in larger squares, so using that as my starting point, I changed the inner square to a nine-patch using the black fabrics and the background square using the white fabrics. I further altered the design by alternating the blocks in the reverse format; white nine-patch squares set into a black background.  A few years ago the QuiltGuy group had a fat-quarter swap using black and white fabrics, so this is my chance to use those fabulous fat-quarters. I’m excited to get started on this one. This will be my quilt, just for me.

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