Shout Out to a Great Blog

For the past week I’ve been reading postings on an amazing blog, 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs. Leah is an amazing quilter and looks all of 16. I think she is a bit older as she is married and has at least one child. She is in the midst of posting a quilting pattern each day for a year. Each pattern has video showing her quilting it on her Juki by hand, not on a frame. She has two video sets out and is working on more.

She has already helped me overcome some obstacles in my quilting in just the few days I’ve been reading her blog. I’m using my Juki on a frame, but I think I might give the frame a rest and just get used to the new machine. It has such a much bigger throat than my Bernina 170 which was one of the battles I had while quilting the last three quilts. (Just saying last three quilts sends tingles through me.)


Good news on the health front also, the dizzy spells I’ve been having were not high blood pressure related, there were new medicine related. My blood pressure is actually back to normal now, 134/78 or so, and the dizzy spells were corrected by taking my pills an hour before going to bed (instead of at bedtime). Big difference. I was actually able to ride my bike to the gym and back and get a full workout without feeling wobbly. Woo Hoo!

Gearing up for our great-niece’s visit over Easter week. Not the best time to come down here, but she’ll have fun at the pool in their resort. She’ll be here with her mom and dad. It’s been over year since they’ve been down here, so it will be great to see them.

Off to watch more Leah videos and then get some practice in before going two-stepping tonight.

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